Potato, Broccoli and Leek Salad with Creamy Sauce & Parmesan


750g baby young potatoes (halved or quartered, depending on size)
500g broccoli (florets separated)
½ large or 1 medium leek (halved or quartered lengthwise and then sliced)
½ cup soured cream
2-3 tbs mayonnaise – optional
½ cup sliced or chopped black olives – optional
½ large or 1 small red bell pepper or pointed pepper (finely diced)
sea salt to taste
black peppercorns
4 tbs grated Parmesan or some other grated cheese to taste


In slightly salted water cook potatoes and broccoli, drain and return to the pot. You may need to remove broccoli a little bit earlier than potatoes, depending on how big they are. Once they are cooked and drained return them to the pot, add sliced leek, optionally olives, peppers, stir in also soured cream mixed with mayonnaise if used. Mix well, season to taste with salt and share to the plates. Sprinkle with Parmesan and freshly cracked pepper.

Serve warm or cooled down.

Make 4 portions.

Your thoughts…

  1. Thanks! Your recipes always look so yummy!

  2. Nothing wrong with a little mayo in the salad. It adds a nice tang and creamy texture. Delicious.

  3. What a tasty & inspiring dish!
    It looks marvellous!!


  4. Oh! This salad looks so good…creamy and rich!

  5. I cannot understand why some people dislike broccoli! I love this rendition of it,light and tasty!

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