Mermaid Nails Sponged with 3D Glitter


  • base nail polish (I used Maybelline Express Finish Turquoise Green)
  • 3D glitter nail varnish (I used George 3D Glitters from Asda)
  • little sponge (eye shadow applicator will work well)

turquoise golden nails with 3D glitter


  1. Paint all nails with base colour, apply 1 or 2 coats, depending on the nail polish.
  2. Apply glitter nail polish with a sponge, starting from the end of the nails.

3D Glitters nail varnish


3D glitter looks much better in reality than on the pictures.

The nail varnish I have used for the base was kind of metallic and it worked better with the 3D glitter than plain, flat nail polishes I tried before.

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