My Kitchen (again)


I did read recently post on Mrs. W’s Kitchen about size of the kitchen and how often people use it.

My kitchen very small, on one hand I wish it was bigger but on the other hand there would be more to clean after cooking so I shouldn’t complain too much :) The only thing I’m really missing is a proper preparation table and storage room.
I use my kitchen every day as you can see, I spend there at least 3 hours every day to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner…
And how big is your kitchen and how often do you use it??


Your thoughts…

  1. What a sweet kitchen! I love it.

    I really think that it’s not the size of the kitchen, it’s the efficiency of the room.

  2. I agree with Mrs W.

    My kitchen is also not very big and similar to yours, it lacks a preparation space. It gets crowded when both my partner and I are cooking together. Luckily, we have large a large pantry.

    I was thinking about how often I use it. I probably spend more time in it over the weekends and for week days, it’s very briefly at breakfast and longer at dinner if I am cooking.

  3. My kitchen is very tiny though I spend a lot of time in it. :)

  4. love the kitchen set up. washing machine and all! )

  5. This is rented flat, we’re living here almost 2 years now…. next kitchen will be in our own house… some time soon I hope…. and it will have much more preparing space, preferably in the middle of the kitchen and plenty of storage space, so I don’t have to keep my cookie cutters in a box on the book shelf :)

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