Easy Mushroom & Leek Risotto with Thyme


2 cups easy cook rice
350g mushrooms (sliced or chopped coarsly)
2 tbs olive oil
2 tbs unsalted butter
4 cups boiling water
2 vegetable cubes
1 large leek (chopped)
½ tbs dried thyme
½ tbs garlic powder
½ cup creme fraiche or soured cream
1 large or 2 smaller bell peppers (diced)
few tbs grated parmesan or other strong cheese + some more for sprinkling
black or rainbow peppercorns (mixed peppercorns)


First on the bottom of wide pot fry mushrooms on butter until browned. Add leek, pepper and oil and fry some more.

In meantime dissolve cubes in hot water and add it to the pot together with thyme and garlic. Cook covered until rice is ready.

Remove from fire, stir in creme fraiche and share to the plates. Sprinkle generously with Parmesan and freshly cracked pepper.

Serve 4-6 people.

Your thoughts…

  1. This risotto has the perfect bite and creant texture I admire in a good risotto.

  2. I love recipes that start with the word “easy” especially when they look so delicious!

  3. MMMMMMM,..your risotto looks just FABULOUS!!

    Pretty too! I love home made risotto’s a lot! I have a few on my blog, filed under risotto, if you are interested!

    I moved my blog to wordpress.com/ Come over @ my blog & check it out! You must update your RSS too!

  4. ooh i like this girlie! I just made some risotto last week and it was so yummy! love the thyme in this.

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