Matcha Chocolat – Tea Infused Chocolates

Matcha Chocolat is UK based company producing handmade chocolates made of artisan quality dark, milk and white chocolate infused with fine teas around the world.

A while ago Katie of Matcha Chocolat sent me The Emperor’s Selection box with delicious chocolates to try and believe me it was very hard to control myself and not to eat all of them before taking those photos. And even harder to protect them from my husband so I asked him to participate in tasting what made the review more accurate.

First we tried beautiful flowery chocolates called Uji Matcha infused with Uji Matcha green tea from Japan. It has silky, delicious, delicate flavour. My husband’s opinion: “good”.

Then we tried Jasmine Silver Needles: white chocolate infused with Jasmine green tea from China. I’m not a big fan of jasmine tea itself but the chocolates were surprisingly addictive and could not stop on one. Opposite my husband, that was the only chocolate from the box that he did not like.

Next one was Midnight Peony made of dark and milk chocolate and smoky Chinese Lapsang tea. I love it’s rich and mature taste. Husband shared my opinion saying that this chocolate is “too nice”.

Blackcurrant Bliss made of milk chocolate and infused with blackcurrant and Assam tea was very fruity, fresh and smooth, I really enjoyed it. My husband said it was “ok” what is a big complement as he will always choose chocolaty, nutty, spicy flavours over flowery or fruity ones.

And the last one was Masala Chai: milk chocolate infused with Indian Masala Chai tea that was a big hit, sweet, spicy, bursting with flavours, definitely my favourite one. Husband also loved it and said “niceeee”.

Reassuming, I would recommend Matcha Chocolat chocolates as a perfect unique gift for anyone, in their online shop you can find selection of boxes and gifts sets suitable for any tea lover, from fruity, flowery to smoky and spicy tea chocolates.

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Your thoughts…

  1. You had me at chocolate! The Masala Chai sound divine!

  2. They look too gorgeous to eat, but that would never stop me.

  3. It’s not only delicious, but there’s nothing more healthy than matcha green tea powder.

  4. Chocolate always lures me in.
    I think my favorite of all, would’ve been the dark chocolate ‘Midnight Peony.’

    But, who am I kidding? That entire box would’ve disappeared under my care.

  5. They are sooo pretty. Tea is usually not one of my favourite flavours in a dessert but dunk anything in chocolate and I’m usually sold

  6. Absolutely beautiful…. and too pretty to eat, really!

  7. They look really pretty and sound very tasty. I think I need to befriend this Katie from Matcha Chocolates :)

  8. These look smooth and silky and luscious! But which one to choose? They are all absoutely gorgeous.

  9. Lovely choccies………and I love the blue paper and the bokeh on that last photo

  10. those chocolates look so tasty ,…ooh yes!

  11. Wow! I think it’s very delicious. I always love chocolates and can’t wait to taste it especially if it’s made from tea. So eat up. Enjoy it straight up!

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