Lunchbox # 10 – Pita Bread Rolls

Lunchbox # 10 (for 2 year old girl)

  • 4 mini pita bread rolls with turkey ham & butter
  • seedless white grapes and dried cranberries
  • pitted black olives
  • some cucumber pieces
  • few mini cheese crackers
  • mini (60g) yogurt (not pictured)
  • 1 cup of fruit tea (not pictured)

To make pita bread rolls, take mini pita bread and microwave it 20 seconds. When still hot and soft, cut it in half. Butter each half and top with ham, roll, cut each roll into two pieces and stick them on toothpicks.

More lunchboxes coming soon…. some already existing recipes for Lunchbox Food you can find here.

Your thoughts…

  1. wow…nice idea…u hav creative thinking…thanks for sharing

  2. Aaaah, a kid after my own heart, eating olives at 2 years :) Wish somebody would make me a lunch that pretty every day!

  3. Gosh how do you do it with all these awesome ideas for lunchboxes? Wonderful yet again and thanks for sharing :D

    Rosie x

  4. Hi ..I am truly impressed with your creative thinking…the tiffin looks extremely attractive..every child would just gobble it up!!
    Do stop by at my blog whenever you can..


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