Local Honey and Hay Fever

Eating daily spoonful of local mixed blossom honey is said to reduce symptoms of hay fever and pollen allergies. It helps your body gradually get used to the allergen. For the best result it is important to use honey that is as local as possible because it contains pollen from plants that are causing the allergy.

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  1. Neato I didn’t know that. :razz: :razz:

  2. Is good to know this “tips”. (Sorry my poor english)
    Regards from Barcelona

  3. Yes – I have been eating local honey all year on my breakfast muesli and I am having the best year for my hay-fever.

  4. Interesting! I mix a teaspoon of honey with lemon and hot water almost every night. Also, I didn’t know that Rowse has the English honey available… need to watch out.

  5. when hay fever or allergic rhinitis attacks, i just take an anti-histamine like Claritin and it relieves my runny nose.

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