Inheritance Recipes Round-up – May / June 2017

First of all big apologies for neglecting Inheritance Recipes for the last two months… it has been hectic time for me and my family due to my mum being unwell. For this reason I haven’t been much around, struggling to do work (retouching and blog) and housework in between school and hospital runs. Things are still not completely back to “normal” and end of school year adds up even more obligations, but we are getting there. Therefore this year more than ever I’m looking forward to the summer break…

And what are your summer plans? Do you have any holiday recipes to share with us?

Big thanks to Solange who was very patient with me… or rather with my absence. She is hosting July Inheritance Recipes so do visit her blog to leave your entries.

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Every month you can submit any recipe (old or new) as long as it is inherited: through family member, friend or ancestral culture. Entries can be traditional recipes or preparation methods, national recipes from all over the globe, dishes that you often prepare with your children (starting a new tradition), recipes inspired by childhood memories or dishes inherited from a family member or a friend.

There is also no geographical restrictions for the entries, recipes from all over the world are more than welcome, we love diversity!

We share all of the entries via social media channels and included them in full round-up (with images) on one of our blogs at the end of the month.

May / June entries can be seen below. Follow the number links under the collage to check them out and don’t forget to subscribe to Inheritance Recipes Pinterest board (that has now 3,700 followers), Facebook Inheritance Recipes group and our Inheritance Recipes list on Twitter which we use to retweet recipes from IR participants (past or present) on daily basis.

There was only one entry really, thank you Shaheen for not giving up on us!!! :)

inherited recipes round-up

  1. Turkey Meatloaf  by Margot from Coffee & Vanilla
  2. Spanakopita by Solange of Pebble Soup
  3. Chocolate & Orange Zebra Cake by Margot from Coffee & Vanilla
  4. Sauce Ravigote Lentils and Bacon Salad by Solange of Pebble Soup
  5. Thai Green Curry by Shaheen  of A2K – A Seasonal Veg Table

July Inheritance Recipes link-up is being hosted by Solange so don’t forget to visit her blog over the next couple of weeks to submit your recipes there.

We can’t wait to see your #InheritanceRecipes !!!

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