How Do You Like To Eat Your Orange?

Coffee and Vanilla

Sliced, halved, squeezed…?

I like it cut lengthwise into four wedges and then sliced so I can with one bite disconnect juicy flesh from the peel… I love oranges and I can eat them any time, same my daughter.

My mother used to make cuts with the tip of the knife, then dig her fingers under the skin to peel it and share into segments. My partner removes the whole skin with the knife, cuts orange in half to suck on the fruit.

And how do you like to eat your orange?

Coffee and Vanilla

Your thoughts…

  1. I cut my orange into 6 or 8 pieces depending on the size and then fan it out and dig in.

  2. I’m not very delicate when it comes to oranges I’m afraid. I just dig my nails in, drag the skin off in bits, and then break it into segments. I usually end up with orange juice squirting all over me though so perhaps it’s about time I got myself a new technique :)

  3. Margot, I’ll try whichever is the fastest and easiest way to get to the fruit. My most often used “technique” is to quater the orange, peel off and eat.
    But, if I need the orange in a salad, I’ll first remove the peel using a sharp knife and cut out each segment individually; whatever is left is squeezed right back into the fruit. Very Marthaesque, but simple.

    Is this more than you wanted to know? :-)

    Btw, I love the cute ladybug in your bowl.

  4. I think it depends on how much time I have. Sometimes I just peel it, separate into segments, take the membrane off and eat.

    Sometimes I segment them.

    My parents peel theirs the same way your mom does!

  5. i like to peel mine (i start it w/ my teeth b/c i like the bitterness, LMAO) and pull it in half and eat it segment by segment… the process is as fun as the orange is good. :))

  6. It depends…whichever is the fastest and easiest way. That is why I like mandarin orange more. Easy to peel.

  7. I peel the whole thing by hand, then split it up into its segments and eat it like that. If I’m at home at the time I’ll zest it first ;-)

  8. Peeled and segmented!

  9. Exactly like your mother :-)

  10. My mom used to peel oranges just like yours! I used to specifically asked for a “duimgeskilde lemoen” (a thumb-peeled orange) when I was little :)

  11. I love to cube it up, leaving all or some peel/skin on the fruit, into a bowl served with almonds/walnuts, goji berries or craisins, dates, on its own or alongside muesli with youghurt or milk.
    Or just as it is beautifully is.
    I do make sure to wash the peel thoroughly before eating that and make sure its not spotted or marked in such a way- also fresh too, not when its soft, tired and saggy.

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