Dasheen Puffs


½ medium dasheen root
1-2 eggs
½ tbs garlic granules or 3 garlic cloves (chopped finely)
3 medium onions (chopped finely)
1 tbs fresh or frozen coriander / cilantro – optional
½ cup or more breadcrumbs
salt to taste
3 tbs potato flour
corn oil for frying


kitchen paper towels


Peel and boil dasheen.
Drain and mash it, add rest of the ingredients except oil and breadcrumbs.
Create balls from 1 tbs of mixture, cover them in breadcrumbs, flatten a little and fry in oil till golden brown.
Drain on kitchen towels before transferring to the plates.

Makes about 25 puffs.

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  1. can i use regular flour, and is there any flour i can use to substitute potato flour for allergic reasons and such? This recipe is magnificent thanks a lot.

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