Coconut Rice


3 cups of easy cook rice
6 cups of water
75g (about ½ cup) coconut milk powder or 2 cups of coconut milk but then only 4 cups of water


Place rice, milk powder, salt and water in pot, cover and cook stirring from time to time, till it’s ready.

Serves 5-6 people.

  • You can also make this rice in microwave, use 3 cups of rice and only 4 cups of water. Place with coconut milk powder and salt in microwaveable container with cover, cook for about 25 minutes stirring rice half way.

Your thoughts…

  1. Looks great. Have you ever tried putting shredded coconut into your rice? Tastes fantastic and adds a different texture.

    Cheers Amelita

  2. I love shredded coconut, I must try this!! :) Thank you.

  3. Not a problem. I put in a big cup of shredded coconut into my rice cooker before I cook it. With your method I would just add it to your exsisting recipe. Don’t worry if the coconut seems to float to the top of the rice, when it’s cooked, just give it a quick mix. Cheers Amelita :)

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