Cherimoya / Custard Apple

Coffee and Vanilla

Chrimoya (Annona cherimola), also called Custard-apple, Custard Apple, Anona, Anone, Chirimoya, Cherimóia, Sape-sape, Nona, is a subtropical fruit native to Andean areas of Ecuador and Peru.

The name originates from the Quechua word chirimuya, which means “cold seeds,” because cherimoya seeds will germinate at higher altitudes in colder temperatures.

Coffee and Vanilla

Cherimoyas are delicious, sweet and creamy. It’s flavour resemble coconut, vanilla, lemon, passion fruit and banana mixed together, or piña colada, or even strawberry, guava or mango. Mark Twain called the cherimoya “the most delicious fruit known to men.”

Coffee and Vanilla

When buying cherimoyas look for uniformly green fruits, avoid brownish spots or damaged skin. Cherimoyas can be stored in the fridge but then their skin may turn brown. The best it is let them ripen in room temperature until they are soft when lightly pressed.  They will have then yellowish green skin and flesh have texture similar to pear. If you will let them mature until their skin turn brownish but they are not fermented yet, their flesh will have texture similar to custard. Cherimoya seeds are poisonus and should not be eaten or crushed.

Cherimoya is the the same genus with:

  • Annona reticulata – red, yellow or brownish Custard-apple also called Bull’s Heart, Wild Sweetsop or Ox-heart,
  • Annona squamosaSugar-apple, Sweetsop, Custard-apple,
  • Annona muricata Soursop, Guanábana, Guyabano, Durian Belanda,
  • Annona atemoyaAtemoya also called Pineapple Sweetsop, Mamon, Achta or Chirimorinon is cross between Cherimoya and Sugar-apple.

All those fruits are in the same family with Pawpaw also called Papaya, Paw Paw or Prairie Banana.

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  1. this is my childhood fruit, Margot. we just love it eat it like that, picked from the tree and fresh. Some people make juice but I usually don’t like it. Would love to buy it again when I see it at the market :)

  2. Hi Margot,
    I was on holidays, but this one was easy for me :) this is one of my prefered fruits.

  3. Oh Margot, cherimoya was a fruit I often enjoyed as a milkshake when I lived in Cuba. But, eaten fresh, while sucking on all those darn black seeds was just as wonderful!
    I found and tried Cherimoyas from a local market, but they did not compare in taste nor in texture to the ones I enjoyed while living on the island. But I’m still looking.

  4. It’s innards look similar to paw paws, how interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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