Making Coffee in Chemex Using Water from Brita Filter Kettle – Review

I have a new toy, actually two of them, it is Morphy Richards Accents kettle (in brushed steel finish) with built in Brita filter and Chemex coffee maker.

Chemex coffee maker uk review

I adore them both and since they arrived I don’t use anything else to make my morning coffee… I even stopped, completely, drinking instant coffee because the filter coffee is now so easy to make and taste extremely good.

morphy richards brita filter kettle review UK

The reason for this is the fact and kettle with built in filter is very convenient to use, I don’t need to filter water then add it to the kettle. This particular one from Morphy Richards additionally is very quick, boils water within seconds. It makes 6 cups / 4 big cups really of tea at a time, what is enough for us… but may require putting kettle on twice for bigger families.

brita filter kettle review

Chemex drip coffee maker is a big time-saver as well, there is no hard to wash parts, just a glass container with two-part wooden neck holder and a leather strap that can be untied when necessary for wash. Specific filters are not mandatory here, any large square paper filters will fit. And it looks very classy, too!

how to use chemex drip coffee maker

The Chemex makes coffee in minutes but it took me few days before I figured out how much water to put for specific amount of coffee… Finally I used permanent marker to make lines where 2, 3 and 4 cups of coffee will be as I use those quantities most often. Again, 10 cups means  here 5 regular cups of coffee.

how to use a chemex

Nevertheless the taste of coffee made this way is so much better, both because of the Chemex and Brita filter. I tested it on ThreeSixty coffee from Kilimanjaro, Tanzania that was send to us, it turned out delicious, with only slight bitterness and clear, fruity flavour.

But then I tested it with coffee that we already had at home and did not really like… just to find out it was not the coffee but the water that we did not like and moreover probably the way we were brewing it before. The difference is huge, but you won’t know till you will try it yourself…

filter kettle reviews

We used here:

Morphy Richards Accents Brita filter kettle (£49.99) – some colours are on sale at the moment,

Chemex 10-cup wood neck coffee maker (£50.00),

Bodum Pavina double walled thermo glasses (£15.07),

and some coffee maker filter papers (£10.00 / pack of 100).

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Your thoughts…

  1. We are fortunate to have really good water that doesn’t really need to be filtered, however I am really interested in the coffee maker, it’s such a beautiful looking thing.

  2. You are indeed very lucky, I don’t think there is many places left were water is good enough to drink straight from the tap. Ours was always awful but not any more.

  3. Filtered water always tastes so much better. Nice gadgets.

  4. I love my BRITA water filter. It makes everything taste better, especially coffee.

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