Apologies & Promise…

Hello Everyone,

Just a short note to apology for neglecting my blog in the last few weeks.
No, I haven’t stop cooking or making lunchboxes or changed my mind about blogging but I must admit that spending time in the kitchen or on the computer is not so enjoyable for the last months because… I’m pregnant and most of the days I feel miserable.

I promise I will get back my energy and passion for cooking soon, when the morning sickness season will finish (!)
Maybe sunny weather that just arrived to London will help me fight this and shortly I will be able to start posting with my usual frequency… until then please be patient and enjoy the Spring!! :)

Your thoughts…

  1. Wow, congratulations! Hope the sickness passes and you can enjoy your pregnancy.

  2. Francesca says:

    That’s great, congratulations from a long time lurker!
    I really hope you feel better soon and enjoy this special moment :)

  3. Congratulations! Hope you feel better soon.
    Big Kiss

  4. I totally understand you!! I was on a low pit myself,..;for 14 days!

    Love to hear from you again soon with your lovely recipes!

  5. Congratulations – it will pass but for now, rest as much as you can – for you and your baby.

  6. CONGRATULATIONS. I am only just getting caught up on blog reading so I am seeing this a little late. How exciting.

  7. Vrushali says:


    i do know how u feel ..I ve 2 kids..
    this phase will pass.. Hope you feel better soon.
    take good rest & enjoy ur pregnancy

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