Pisanki – Traditional Polish Easter Eggs Dyed in Onion Shells

With big thanks to our friends Gosia & Marcin who made those gorgeous Easter eggs.


  • eggs
  • plenty of white onion shells / skins
  • wax candle
  • wooden food pick
  • white vinegar

wax resist onion shell eggs


  1. Light the candle and wait until there is enough melted wax.
  2. Draw designs on eggs with food pick, place them together with onion shells in a pot of water and cook until eggs will achieve desired shade, about 30 – 40 minutes. Places with design drawn by candle should remain not dyed.
  3. Add about 1 tbs vinegar to cup of cold water, dip each egg in it for a while to stop colour from running.


You can also hard boil eggs first, crack the shell a little bit and then place in the pot full of water and onions shells and simmer for about 30 minutes. Let them cool down before peeling. This way you will get marble effect on the eggs, similar to this one posted here: Marble Eggs, but reddish-brown.

Another way is to use wax resist and then food colouring, you can read more here: Wax Resist & Food Colouring Egg Dye.

Your thoughts…

  1. those are GORGEOUS! and the designs on the shells are so pretty, too :)

  2. OMG, they are stunning. Do you all have a bank holiday today too just as we have in the Caribbean?

    1. Thank you Cynthia and Heather! I was feeling sooo bad eating them this morning for breakfast. Yes, we have holidays here as well, but tomorrow back to work :(

      Mandira, thank you for your comment. Of course they are chocolate and marzipan Easter eggs, but they are quite “new” invention. Traditional Easter eggs, at least in Poland, are real eggs decorated with, laces or paint.

  3. i have never dyed eggs…painted egg shells a few times as a kid as a part of some strange art assignment.. never did anything more complicated than that…these easter eggs are absolutely exquisit looking…wudnt want to eat them!! i know very little about easter eggs,so correct me if im wrong..but arent they made of marzipan?

  4. Oh WOW – these are amazing. Great job.


  5. I dye my eggs like this. Only I try and get enough onion skins that I can stuff the pot full. Then I tuck the eggs amongst the onion skins and the packed skins created the prettiest patterns.

  6. Beautiful eggs! Who would’ve thought onion skins can impart so much colour!

  7. This is so nice of your friends, so cute.

  8. Susan M. says:

    I have never heard of this method of dying eggs. Where would you find onion shells? Do you dry them yourself by cutting an onion and then letting it dry out. Do you use the red onions to get this color. I am amazed by the beautiful color and it is all natural and that is the best part. I want to try this myself! thanks.

    1. My Mother-in-Law has made these for years. We save the dry outer onion peels from yellow onions for weeks…just place in plastic bag…I keep mine in frig next to my onions. We simmer onion skins/peels in large saucepan for about an hour, let cool to room temp. Add your eggs into saucepan & bring to boil for 10 minutes until hard boiled. Shells become unique reddish/ brown color from skins. The longer you leave the eggs, the darker they will become, but they also get tough if you cook too long.

  9. oh ok.. see i dint know that.. the easter eggs we get in mumbai are mostly marzipan…real eggs that are decorated so beautfully are quite out of my experience!

  10. Thank you Everyone, I will make sure Gosia & Marcin will read those comments ;)

    Susan, plain white onions are fine, just remove as much skin from them as you can and place in a pot with eggs. It does not have to be very dry, just peel the onion and use the peel to cook the eggs.

  11. Margot , those eggs are soo pretty :-)

  12. Too beautiful! And so clever getting the designs on them :)

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