Mayan Magic Chocolate-Making Kit by Chocolution – Giveaway (CLOSED)


Hello Everyone,

I’m very happy to announce that I have Mayan Magic Chocolate-Making Kit by Chocolution to give away to my readers! :)

First few words about the kit:

“The Mayan Magic chocolate-making kit is a brand new concept that gives you finest quality organic raw ingredients together with simple instructions to create exceptional chocolate from your own home.”
To read more visit Mayan Magic Chocolate-Making Kit website.

Who have chance to win the kit:

The reader that will come up with the most original and divine combination of flavours/fillings for the chocolate.
Just write in few words ingredients for your dream chocolate and send your entries before 22nd of April to coffeeandvanilla(at) with “Mayan Magic″ in the subject line.

Please, do not answer using the comment box.

I’m looking forward seeing your entries! Good luck Everyone!!! :)


  • I will announce the winner within 3 days from the time the competition is over.
  • Please make sure that you provide me with correct contact details. After winner is selected I will contact her/him by email before posting the announcement. Then I will pass winner details to the prize sponsor that will ship kit to you.
  • Sponsor of the prize: Mayan Magic Chocolate-Making Kit by Chocolution
  • Coordinator of the competition: UKFBA

Your thoughts…

  1. how awesome!! i have to put my thinking cap on!

  2. Great site! thanks for the support be good to talk sometime

  3. Hi Margot,
    I’m not sure if i can write in english a complete recipe made with chocolate. Or it’s enought to say a combination of ingredients? I’m not so good in english… But i’ll try to do my best.

  4. Just ingredients are fine Moira… I’m looking forward seeing your entry! ;)

  5. HI Margot. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am fine, thank you. just busy than ever, trying to finish up the recipe writeup for my cookbook.

    Ahh, what a great contest! I like to imagine things, so I am thinking about my dream chocolate already:) Will email you my dream:)

  6. Hi Margot,
    Thanks for stopping by to let me know abiout the event. I ll think of something delish :-)

  7. Margot,
    Is it just enough if I email you my favortie choco combo or do I need to make it, take picture and post about it? thanks

  8. Yes, it is enough to write about your dream chocolate in few words and send it by email to me…

  9. oh my dream chocolate, hmmm ….. I’ll have to think of something inventive :D

  10. thanks for the compo invite, it was a challenge and I love challenges, I made it a little controversial. Because that is me. loved your blog…and the fact that you’re into photo retouching, I have a blog in that field to…but I am just a beginner Rico Photos

  11. Woooow, What a challenge. I have to start thinking, considering inventing….:-)

  12. How fun! I don’t think my dream chocolate will be very unique, but I’ll think it over.

  13. Thanks for the invitation!!! So many choices……

  14. Favorite chocolate -dark chocolate with creme brulee filling! Love your site!

  15. Thank you everyone for delicious entries. It was really very hard decide who should win the kit but finally decision has been made… you can see the announcement here:

  16. Thanks for this cool informations.

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