Spicy Tomato Soup with Roasted Peppers

[adapted from recipe by Sig of Live to Eat]


4 x 400g tins of chopped tomatoes
8 cups of hot water
800g red and orange bell peppers
4 vegetable cubes (10g each)
8 large sweet shallots or 2 regular onions – 200g (sliced finely)
1 whole garlic head (peeled)
½ lemon juice or to taste
½-1 tsp chilli flakes / crushed chillis
2 tbs Carotino or olive oil
grated Parmesan or thick cream to serve
4 wholemeal bread rolls
sea salt to taste


hand blender


Place peppers on baking tray roast in 180°C (356°F) till skin become brown-black. You may need to turn on both oven and grill option on. Take peppers out from the oven and close them in a plastic bag for about 15 minutes. Then rub the skin off, it should come out easily. Remove insides and place them in the large pot together with juices from roasting. Add also tomatoes, cubes, water, chilli flakes and cook covered for about 15-20 minutes. In meantime fry shallots and garlic on oil until golden brown. Add them also to the soup, season with lemon juice and some salt if needed. Blend everything using hand blender.
Share to the plates topped with cream or Parmesan and bread rolls on the side.

Serve 4 people.

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Your thoughts…

  1. Yeah sig have a wonderful place with delicious recipes. This soup looks so yumm.
    Here it is cold, i would love to have that delicious soup .

  2. I haven’t made this in a while.. yours look very yum Margot!

  3. This looks really delicious!

  4. This is a very tasty looking soup Margot! I haven’t made tomato soup in a while – looks like you’ve just tempted me :grin:

    Rosie x

  5. Delicious looking soup! Next time I decide to make tomato soup, I will try your recipe. Yummy!

  6. Ugh I came across your blog while googling tapioca and I looooooooooooooove it. So cute and original. I’ll definitely be using some of your recipes!

  7. love the new look. and i love love love tomato soup! how wonderful of you to share on cold nights like this!

  8. mmm, that sounds so good. i love the roasted peppers!

  9. I really like to use roasted poblanos in place of bell peppers. They are not too hot, but add just enough heat that they perk up the flavors of everything else in the soup.

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