Freshly Squeezed Coconut Milk


1 brown coconut
2¼ cups of water


cloth – muslin or cotton tea towel
fine grater


First break the coconut with a pestle, over the sink or some containter, discard the water that will come out. Then remove hard shell, grate coconut on fine grater and combine it with water. After a while drain this mixture through the cloth and squeeze out as much coconut milk as possible.

1 coconut will give you about 2 cups of coconut milk.

  • Coconut water that will come out from inside is not the one to drink, it should be from fresh, green coconut.

Your thoughts…

  1. I still remember my late grandmother used special knife to crack open and then turn it upside down, sitting down on a stool and there it was a slender grater which is built on a concrete, ready to grate the coconut flesh for her. Indonesia’s traditional cooking is always using fresh ingredients like this. Lovely post, Margot. Brings back the little memory I’ve kept for years of my late grandmother.

  2. aah! fresh coconut milk is just divine and i love the smell of freshly dessicated coconut too. x

  3. You made it look easy to crack that thing and get the flesh out!

  4. It is really not so hard, the hardest part is grating all that coconut ;)

  5. I have been wondering for some time how exactly one goes about making fresh coconut milk. It doesn’t look so intimidating!

  6. You make it look easy Margot ~ you make my feeble attempts look juvenile :wink:

    Rosie x

  7. There really is no substitute for freshly squeezed coconut milk. Just yesterday I grated coconuts to make conkies – a delicacy here at Independence time which is this weekend. :grin:

  8. Oh, I use a hammer :)

  9. If I only had fresh banana leaves here… I have mini banana plant but I will have to wait years before leaves will reach normal size…
    Hammer is a very good idea, or even dropping coconut on the ground ;)

  10. this post reminded me of my grandpa who always used to do this~

  11. Nice photos! I have some photos on my blog of how I deal with coconuts, if you’re interested. I usually use coconut grated, so you can check out the machine I use to do that:

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