Nude Food Movers – Rubbish-Free Lunch Boxes from Smash

rubbish free lunchboxes Smash

How many times did you wish that you would not have to use all those cling films, aluminium foils and plastic bags? It is a lot of unnecessary rubbish every single day and to be honest using cling film can be very tricky, especially in the early morning hours!

Smash lunch box lunchbox

With Rubbish-Free Lunch Boxes from Smash there is no need to pack anything extra as they are very spacious enough and can fit two sandwiches or wraps in the main compartment, separated by shelf so they won’t stick together. This separation can be removed to make room for pasta or rice instead of bread.

environment friendly lunchboxes

On the right there are two smaller compartments for extras such as fruits, veggies or other snacks… the divider can be also removed to make one bigger space.

environment friendly bento box

And on the left there is another compartment with two leak proof containers for yogurts, dips etc. The little boxes can be also put aside to make space for an apple or a cupcake.

Smash lunch boxes

The Nude Food Movers lunch box is big enough for a teenager or an adult… but don’t worry, there are  available as well Mini Rubbish-Free Lunch Boxes, smaller versions that are more suitable for kids.

At first I was a bit worried that if there is less rubbish there will be more washing, but that is not really true… except for the boxes and dividers there is no loose parts, no lids so there is still less washing than with couple separate boxes.

I will be testing this lunch box in real life over coming weeks so stay tuned.

With thanks to Valerie from Becky & Lolo for complementary lunch box.

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