Norwegian Gravlax / Gravlaks

[Inspired by “The Best of Norwegian Traditional Cuisine” by Ingrid Espelid Hovig that my friend Rigmor gave ages ago to my sister Jola, and now almost 15 years later my husband used it to prepare this dish.]

salmon dill black pepper salt


  • about 400g boneless salmon with skin (cut into two even pieces)
  • 2 tbs sea salt
  • 1 tbs sugar (optional, we did not use it)
  • 1 tsp freshly cracked white or black pepper
  • large bunch of dill (washed and chopped)


  • deep glass, plastic or stainless still container for curing salmon
  • aluminium foil or cling film
  • heavy object to place on the top such as stone or heavy chopping board

how to make gravlax


  1. Pat dry salmon and rub with mixture of salt, optionally sugar and pepper.
  2. Place one piece of salmon skin down in the container, top with all chopped dill, cover with another piece of salmon, this time skin side up, cover the whole dish with aluminium foil or cling film.
  3. Put something heavy on the top.
  4. Refrigerate for 2-3 days turning salmon “sandwich” every 12 hours so it will cure evenly.
  5. Once it is done, scrap out excess dill, salt and pepper and slice thinly.
  6. Serve as an appetizer or on buttered bread.

Your thoughts…

  1. That looks all out yummy. I keep trying to enjoy fish more often. Whether its that canned stuff, which happens to be often better then the mess at the grocery store, or fresh caught in the summer. I can never get into it. Hopefully some other out there will enjoy life and health a bit more!

  2. Oh Margot your Gravlax looks incredible!! I have never made my own before but it appears quite easy to achieve. I need to try this great recipe out :D

  3. Looks so good. I never made it.

  4. i would have toasted the crostini, some.. looks great tho!

  5. I love salmon dear Margot and this look awesome!! Gloria

  6. wow!! so simple and healthy :) drooling!!

  7. I love gravlax, it’s every bit as good as smoked salmon. Yours looks beautiful!

  8. Mmmm, I love gravlax – luckily living on the Pacific coast allows me to satisfy my salmon cravings pretty easily! Would you happen to have a recipe for the honey-mustard-dill sauce kicking around somewhere? I can never get the balance quite right. Maybe I’m missing an ingredient. Thanks for sharing!

  9. *LOL* Glad to see you tried it! I have to admit that I never actually prepared this dish myself, but I do enjoy it when it is prepared by others… :)

  10. Mmm, that looks and sounds delicious! I haven’t tried making gravlax, but am thinking that it sounds like a great thing to try during the holidays.

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