New Year, New Beginnings…

New Year always bring hope of changes for better… people make irrational New Year’s resolutions that they hardly ever keep and I’m no different.

Therefore this year I decided to make realistic plans rather than resolutions…

new year resolutions and plans

As working from home mum, blogger and retoucher I hardly ever have any time for myself. Unlike when having 9 to 5 job, my day never finish, there is always something more I could do, write, retouch… I never go to bed before midnight and most of the time though the day I multitask: cook & take photos for the articles, take a bus to town promoting blog posts on the phone at the same time, spend time with family while typing on the laptop. In a New Year I want to organize my day better so I can spend quality time with my husband and kids, unplugged from all devices and also find couple of minutes for myself, to exercise or simply take a walk on the beach.

I’ve been always interested in typography and calligraphy – this year I absolutely need to do something more about it (some online course possibly).

I would also like to take my photography to the next level… and perhaps buy newer DSLR camera (Nikon of course) as my old one is not good enough (resolution and ISO wise). I just completed 52 Week Photo Project which was great learning experience. And soon I will be taking part in a new photo challenge – The Dirty Dozen, which will be even more demanding but I need this to stay motivated, plus at the end of the year I should have at least couple new images for the portfolio.

And what are you hoping for the New Year to bring you?

Happy New Year!!

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