Lunchbox # 96 – Cherries & Strawberries

Lunchbox # 96 (for almost 5 year old girl)

  • sandwiches made from mini ciabata bites, butter, Emmental cheese & lettuce
  • cherry tomatoes with leaf food pick
  • pieces of kabanos sausage
  • strawberries
  • cherries
  • blackcurrant juice with in a box (not pictured)
  • antibacterial gel to wash hands before lunch (not pictured)
  • wipe wrapped in aluminum foil with a stickers, to use after lunch (not pictured)

Everything closed in EZ-Freeze lunchbox with a freezable lid and placed inside insulated Charlie & Lola lunch bag.

More lunchbox ideas can be found here: Lunchbox Food.

And here you can read about Packing Children Lunches.

Some of the lunchbox accessories can be found in my Amazon aStore.

Your thoughts…

  1. Cool mini sandwiches! Cherries and strawberries are nice too in the box :)

  2. Love these fruit colors together…this lunch is nifty and fun, would brighten any day :)

  3. I like! A simple n healthy lunch box
    cheers/ Karen

  4. I like! A simple n healthy lunch box. =)

  5. Adorable. My mom would sometimes stick a little note in my lunch. I loved that! Stickers would have been awesome!

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