Lunchbox # 124 – Valentine’s Day & New Teddy Bear Shaped Bento Box

Valentine bento box

On a normal school day sweet lunch like this would not be allowed, but because my daughter went for a trip to British Museum today and it is Valentine’s, it should be ok :)

Lunchbox # 124 (for 7 year old girl)

  • heart shaped waffles
  • strawberry
  • lychee fruits
  • plum tomatoes
  • strawberry fromage frais
  • crackers
  • apple & cinnamon cereal bar
  • dried apples
  • heart shaped chocolates
  • bottle of water (not pictured)
  • apple in apple cosy (not pictured)

teddy bear shaped lunch box

Everything placed in two tire teddy bear bento box inside Lee Cooper polka dot insulated lunch bag.

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Some of the lunchbox accessories can be found in my Amazon aStore.

Happy Valentine’s Everyone!


This is my entry for my own event: “Wholesome Lunchbox”. If you want to participate, please submit your entry through Flickr group before 15th of each month.

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