Lunchbox # 113 – Hairy Egg & Pancakes

packed lunch with hairy egg

Lunchbox # 113 (for almost 6 year old girl)

  • hard boiled egg with jelly sting hair and face drawn with edible marker
  • pieces of pancake
  • plum tomato
  • cherries
  • seedles green grapes
  • raisins
  • yogurt (not pictured)
  • tropical juice drink (not pictured)

Everything placed in glittery EZ-Freeze lunchbox with a freezable lid and placed inside insulated Charlie & Lola lunch bag.

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Some of the lunchbox accessories can be found in my Amazon aStore.

Your thoughts…

  1. How cute is that! I’m sure my daughter would be thrilled to find that egg in her lunchbox.

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