Kumquat & Vanilla Marmalade

kumquat vanilla home made jam marmalade conserve


  • 500g kumquats
  • 5 cups of water
  • 2 cups golden caster sugar
  • 3 tbs vanilla sugar

how to make kumquat jam


  1. Cut kumquats in halves, remove seeds with the tip of the knife.
  2. Place in the pot with water, caster sugar and bring to boil.
  3. Reduce fire and let it shimmer till thick, about 1 hours.
  4. Towards the end stir in vanilla sugar and cook few minutes longer.
  5. Share to the jars, close immediately.

Make about 2 cups of marmalade.

jar of kumquat jam


To make sure that there is no air in the jar you may also pour over the top a little bit of rectified spirit, set it on fire and close the lid while the spirit is still burning (Polish way).

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Your thoughts…

  1. Like I’d mentioned, I wasn’t sure where I stand on kumquats, but I could definitely see myself going through a jar of this. I think the sugar resolves my overly-tart aversion. ;-) Nice work!

    Also, you should submit this to Pixie’s “Putting Up” event as this looks like a perfect fit–its about preserves, jams, marmalades, etc.

  2. Pretty!

    The idea of adding vanilla is brilliant. It seems that it would bring a regular old fruit jam/marmalade to a whole new height–so simple, yet so perfect. I just might have to try this–if I can find some kumquats, that is!

    And I love those spoons.

  3. Your Kumquat Vanilla Marmalade looks wonderful Margot – I love the idea of adding vanilla into the preserve :D I haven’t come across any Kumquats yet but I have been keeping an eye out for them though!

    Rosie x

  4. This must be heaven spread on toast! The pictures are gorgeous!

  5. Thank you for your comments.

    Rosie – You can get them on fruit markets… I got mines at Greek shop.

    Mrs.W – The spoons are from some chocolate egg sets I got for kids for Easter ;)

    Mike – I would love to send it for Pixie’s event but this marmalade is going already to April’s AFAM – Kumquats which I’m hosting this month :)

    Tartelette – Thank you, I tried my best ;)

  6. Hi Margot, Oh thanks, I will keep my eyes open. I don’t think I have a Greek shop but I’m going to try Sainsbury’s, perhaps it will be the weekend now as I have guests for a couple of days staying :D

    Rosie x

  7. The Kumquat fruit is one of at least three fruits used in making the 40% alcohol liqueur that we know as Cointreau. The zestiness of the fruit is so very useful in food preparation and spicy (not hot) styles of cooking. Also think about using the zest of any citrus for flavourings in food that will make your culinary efforts reach for the skies. We make a Port style wine from the same trio of citrus fruits with the result that it tastes just like Cointreau, is 18% alcohol and therefore more drinkable. .
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