Kid’s Gloves on a String

gloves on a string

Both of my daughters, 1 years old and 6 year old, lose gloves constantly. The little one is throwing them out of the pushchair and the bigger one comes back from school with one or both missing all the time. That is why I decided to make for them “gloves on a string” like I used to have in my childhood…


  • a pair of gloves
  • yarn for crochet
  • sewing thread


  • crochet
  • needle

diy gloves on a rope


  1. With crochet make chain stitch, long enough to connect both gloves inside the sleeves of the jacket.
  2. Sew the chain to the inside of the gloves.
  3. Fold the string with the gloves in half and put it through the jacket’s hanging loop to connect it.
  4. Then put each glove through corresponding sleeve and voilà!
  5. Your child won’t lose a glove again.


Optionally you can sew on a button to each glove and make loops at ends of the string to button them instead of sewing them on. This way the gloves can be detached when necessary. It wouldn’t work with my kids so I went for more permanent option.

Make the crochet chain just right, not much longer than needed as it (depending on yarn) may stretch after first use.

Your thoughts…

  1. Great idea to attached the gloves :-)
    Happy New Year and hope you have a wonderful week ahead Margot :-)

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