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Coffee and Vanilla

For a longer while now I was going to write this article but only today had a little bit time to take some photos in the day light, before my daughter went to preschool.

Being mother of multiracial child I’ve been struggling with her hair for over 3 years now. I had very hard time combing them, the only method to make them look good was washing her hair almost daily and putting lots of conditioner (for adults, best for coloured or dry hair) and then trying to comb them, not always successfully.

I tried many products for “white” and “black” hair but nothing was good… products for afro hair were way too greasy and making her hair look sticky, dirty… while products I use on my hair where only good just after wash, next day her hair were again dry, tangled and messy.

It was like this until my friend Sidney tell me about Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner! :) I wish I knew about this earlier.You may find this conditioner a little bit more expensive than other styling products (about £14 in UK) but it is really worth it… it works plus last long (about 6 months).

Coffee and Vanilla

So now I wash my daughter’s hair once-twice a week with her baby shampoo, then I use the same adult conditioner I was using before (Herbal Essences for coloured hair or Tresemme anti-breakage) to comb her hair. I rinse them, dry with towel, apply generous portion of Mixed Chicks, blow dry her hair… and the effect is perfect, nice, soft curls!

For the next days all I have to do is to pass wet hands through her hair, add a little dot of conditioner in places were hair seems dried out… I blow dry them or just let them dry itself.

Please share your experience with mixed hair. I would love to hear your tips.

Update I:

Recently I have discovered Organic Care cosmetics from Australia, their conditioner for coloured hair is just perfect to comb curly hair during washing.

Update II:

I discovered couple of new products, you can read about it here.

  • I have not been asked to advertise any of those products, I just find it so good that I want to recommend it.

Your thoughts…

  1. Oh my goodness your daughter is so so adorable. I have no help as my daughter’s hair is fine and straight, but her curls are so cute!

  2. I work with a girl whose hair and racial makeup are similar to your daughter’s. She seems to keep it in good shape – I wonder if she uses the same stuff or something else… I didn’t know that “mixed” hair was such a hassle to maintain!

  3. I LOVE your daughter’s beautiful hair and cute smile! :) So sweet! :)

  4. That hair and those curls are great. My family loves mixed chicks, too!

  5. You daughter is so socute, love her smile too. Looking to thepic makes me smile too :-)

    My daughter is my hair typs, which is sraight andshe has really long hair till her bottoms, sometimes i put coconut oil andleave for half hour, like we used to do in India ( now wheis a teenager she doesn’t do it often she used conditioner, which she change the brand every now and then)

  6. Aww, she’s gorgeous and those cute ringlets are adorable!

  7. awww. my baby from another mother! she’s a doll. knowing problems with curly hair all too well, i resort to leave-in conditioner by infusium. it doesn’t dry my hair any more than it already is.. when i have time, i like to towel dry for about 8 minutes, then apply some conditioner by Tresemme and then hold in towel for another 5 mins. The results are great b/c it holds in the curl with lots of shine and control!

  8. Your daughter is adorable! so pretty!

  9. I don’t really know about products that would work, but I came across a technique called “plopping” awhile ago that might help:

    I can’t really leave without exclaiming about your daughter’s adorable dimple!

  10. My girls are mixed and I am too and I have four heads to deal with not to mention my own! A friend of mine makes some hair care products that we buy from her that sound a lot like the mixed chicks stuff. Great products! I always braid my girls hair, or do a two strand twist but still it is a chore and lots of time taken weekly on hair. It will be nice when they are older and can do their own hair :0)

  11. Oh, I forgot to mention, heat styling is not good for dry and curly hair so always air dry if you can. Heat can damage the hair.

  12. Oh, your little girl is just beautiful!

  13. For neat and clean hair use good hair care products . After washing your hair use conditioner and hair cream for great shine your hair. Get a trim every 6 8 weeks. Choose good shampoo and good hair color that compliments your hair styles.

  14. Hi Margot! Have been following the posts in this section for a while – your baba is gorgeous BTW.

    Just wanted to tell you about a new online shop selling curly hair products – IronSun Organics – they are new but lots of people recommend them. I found about them on in the eurocurlies forum on

    They only sell natural and organic products, most of which are made in the UK. Natural products are better for curly hair anyway casue they are much more gentle.

    I have recently bought a bunch of UK made stuff from them that work great in my hair and in my son’s hair too. I would really recommend the KiWI Curls for kids that i use in my sons hair.

    Here is the link to their site :

    Chena J.

  15. hi, I am mixed myself and my mom would always struggle with my hair and threatened to give me dreadlocks when i was young lol. As I grew I started experimenting on my own. Like you said i would wash my hair practically every day to get the curls back, Until I too tried mixed chicks. Its great. I dont buy the shampoo or conditioner I just use any kind but I do get the leave in conditioner. You should let your daughters hair airdry cause blow drying always causes my hair to frizz. I also use Jam which is a gel for black peoples hair. It adds a lot of shine to my hair after a few days of not washing it.

  16. I have been using the products of this site for last one and a half year and truly believe that they are the best natural products. They have cured my many hair and skin problems.They are my favorites and will remain so.

  17. Hi, me and my friend actually just opened a youtube channel to give advice to people with mixed hair! I see some good advice here. You should visit our page or give us suggestions on what we should do. One major NO NO for mixed babies! DoNT GIVE a PERM. We both have had perms before.. luckly they are grown out but they were horrible and ruined our curls =[

  18. Where do u buy the mixed chicks products?

  19. Not sure where are you located? You can find full list of shops on their website. You can also order from my Amazon store.
    UK aStore:
    US aStore:

  20. Thanks for posting. I’ve just recently found Motions hair products. It’s not that easy to get black hair/mixed hair products in DK, but I’ll try and see, if it might be easier to get the Mixed Chick products. I need some leave in stuff. Had found one in the Motions range, but can’t get it anymore. Use their conditioner and stuff for damaged hair, and that works, but I still need the leave in. I’ve never tried Tresemme Products, but we just got them here in DK, so that’s an option as well. Funny enough I’ve only just posted an entry about a film about hair – in Danish but link to Google Translate.

  21. jessica says:

    I am a mixed girl who has been looking forever for the right hair products to use on my hair. I will seriously consider trying this! my hair is more wavy than curly but nevertheless it can get extremely frustrating trying to maintain day to day style

  22. This is great! thank you for sharing my daughter has what looks like your daughters exact hair type and has a lot of hair and I was almost tempted to cut out a few tangles so this is AWESOME because I LOve my babies hair! Also see Mahogany Hair Revolution salon the head stylist and owner holds child hair care classes on health and styles for children s hair and aimed toward mixed or kinky curly hair types. I missed the class but heard great things!

  23. You mentioned it can be bought in the UK – please can you tell me where?  Thanks.

    1. Hi Tammy, it was one of the shops of Stroud Green Road in London, close to Pak’s, sorry can’t remember the name of the place…

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