Food Hygiene Certificate


Some time ago I was invited to do an online  Food Hygiene Certificate course. I was under the impression that such a course would only apply to people who actually work in the food service, not someone who only cooks at home, nevertheless I thought why not? So I dived in.

Being full time working from home mom I don’t have too much time to study, fortunately the course is split up in several sections so offers the convenience of being able to complete it at your leisure. The presentation of the course is very good it gives you enough detail but does not overload you with too much info.

The only annoyance was the navigation, it’s not always clear and there’s a bit too much animation which does not do much to actually enhance the course. At one point I was frustrated enough to give up, but I persevered and in the end  I successfully passed the exam after about 3 hours of study altogether.

It is a very important certificate for everyone who works in catering but also useful for anyone who is preparing food… so most of us. For £25 (£28.75 including VAT) without leaving your computer desk you can study and take the test and certificate will be posted to you in mail.

If you want to find out more visit Virtual College website… they have demo of the course so you can take a look and decide yourself.

Your thoughts…

  1. That sounds interesting for us stay-at-home. I may consider taking this course some day.

  2. Very interesting. I wouldn’t have thought it would be offered as an online course. I’m wondering if Canada or the US has something similar.

  3. very cool :) congrats on getting the cert!

  4. I’m wondering is that the same as we call Food Handler’s Certification in Canada. Congrats!

    I did a year ago one as I work in the Food Commercial.

  5. Congrats Margot :D I took my food & hygiene certificate a few years back now and its a good thing to have.

    Rosie x

  6. I searched on google and I had a hard time located the right info….until I found your blog.

  7. Jenny Grace says:

    I agree with Rosie, definitely a great thing to have to anyone working in the catering business or handling/ preparing food. Congrats Margot!

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