Father’s Day – Dzień Ojca

3rd Sunday of JuneUK, Dominica, USA and most of the World
23rd of JunePoland

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Father’s Day is a day honouring fathers, fatherhood and male parenting. It complements Mother’s Day and Children’s Day.

celebrating father's day in UK and all over the World

The beginning to this day gave Sonora Smart Dodd of Washington who arranged a tribute for her father on 19th of June 1910. She was the first to solicit the idea of having an official Father’s Day to honour all fathers.  But it took many years to make the holiday official. Where Mother’s Day was met with enthusiasm, Father’s Day was met with laughter. Despite that holiday was gathering more and more attention slowly. Especially when merchants start bombarding us with gifts for fathers and custom of giving gifts on that day became more accepted.

To me it does not matter if the holiday is commercialized on not, it is nice to remember about our fathers at least this one day in a year.  I will probably just give my dad a call this year and help my children with some little surprise for my husband… I’m not sure yet what it will be: some chocolate gifts or maybe something completely different…  I have seen some Super Hero t-shirts recently that my 3 year old insisted on buying for her daddy ;)

What about your plans?



Some information source: Wikipedia.

Above picture has been originally taken for the 52 Week Photo Project I’m taking part in.

Your thoughts…

  1. Here it is this sunday. I do think it is a bit commercial but still we celebtrate. The presens are bought and kept etc……

  2. I’m helping my Sunday School class paint rocks–3 rocks per, head, torso & legs–that say ‘Dad Rocks!’ A bit hard to explain and they don’t seem to have the project online anywhere. I got the idea from Family Fun magazine… clever, and the kiddos really jumped at the idea! We’re doing them for all the men in the congregation–some are dads and granddads; others are uncles/godparents.

  3. margot me and my kids are planing to cook all my husbands and my dads ( my kids grandpa) favorite food for the day :) its a surprise and we are planing to have a small party. bought a lil present for my dad from me and from my kids to their dad ( my husband) :)

  4. Yay my day is arriving, I can’t wait..I don’t want nothing commercial, unless a hug and a kiss is commercial lol :) xx great post!!

  5. Breakfast in bed–pancakes and local strawberries.

  6. Hey thanks for the reminder… just kidding. I’ll get my Dad something in time :)

    Nice blog you have here, I’m always interested in finding more Polish food :)

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