Egg / Pancake Ring

This cute orange flower is the third ring I tested… I tried before both metal and silicone round rings, without satisfying results.

This time I placed egg ring on completely flat frying pan with a little bit of hot olive oil on it, cracked the egg inside the ring and fried until egg white was settled.

As you can see on the picture below egg come out in a nice shape but still not as perfect as I expected.

Does anyone have any experience with this tool?

Your thoughts…

  1. I love find molds of different shapes for eggs too :)

  2. I have no experience with this tool but it surely makes a fun shape. Practice makes perfect i guess. :-)

  3. Can’t help you but I think it is cute.

  4. Maybe try spraying the actual ring with no stick spray or lubing it up with softened butter or oil?

  5. Never seen egg molds before. What a cute idea. Ya maybe some spray on the mold would work.

  6. I’ve used my own molds and I have the best results by doing two things.

    1. Spray cooking spray on the sides very well. This will help in making sure there is no sticking. There’s nothing worse than your pretty shape being ruined because some bits of food ripped off and stuck to the side.
    2. leave the ring on the pan long enough to pre-heat (helps if you use a metal round or mold). This will cook the sides of the egg/pancake at the same time as the bottom and will make sure the shape stays.

    This is fun though! When you get it down you can make towers of pancakes and eggs etc :)

  7. Oh my kids would love this!

  8. I love this! I love eggs an I don’t think I’d ever ever get tired of this toy

  9. hehe, this is just too cute! plus i love eggs so now i have to have one.

  10. Thank you for all the comments. I’m going try your suggestions and I will post new pictures shortly ;)

  11. Oh wow – too cute!I like how the egg yolk is like the middle of the flower! I would love to make little flower pancakes and eggs.

  12. That is adorable! Who wouldn’t want flower shaped eggs? I would spray the flower shaper with a non stick cooking spray. It might help. :smile:

  13. What if you used an edible mold instead of metal/silicone.. I’m thinking a cross section of a large bell pepper (or a single onion ring). Then the mold becomes part of the meal, and adds the zesty pepper flavor…

  14. Wow, thank you for even more comments…

    – I love your idea!! Large bell pepper ring wound be great, or maybe some squash peel… :)

  15. I’ve tried at least 10 times using the same egg mold before finally getting it right. My ring was a bit warped so I had to push it down at times or the egg would leak outside. The ring is usually cool enough for you to push down on it and wait for the eggs to cook.

    Then the next trickiest part is getting the yolk directly in the center. I’ve overcome this by separating the yolk and the egg whites. You take the yolks out first, then whisk the egg whites a bit before pouring into the egg mold. This will give a more even egg without giant lumps in the middle. Then I added the yolk in the middle last.

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