DIY Garden for Syrian Hamster

cat's grass red clover hamster garden


  • cat’s litter tray or other large and not to shallow container
  • gravel – for the drainage, as the container will have to holes on the bottom
  • soil for edible plants – free from fertilizers, not the one for flowers that is packed with all kinds of growth chemicals
  • wood shavings
  • hamster safe plant’s seeds – grass and flowers (we used 2 packets of cat grass and less than a half packet of red clover seeds)
  • some more seeds to add later once hamster will eat / dig out some of the plants
  • large flat pebbles to create a path – optional
  • some kind of bridge or little hut – optional

hamster garden materials gravel soil cat's crass pebbles seeds


  1. Lay the bottom of the tray with gravel.
  2. Cover it with soil, we used the whole 5kg.
  3. Create path and select with the pebbles areas for flowers.
  4. Plant the seeds.
  5. Top the whole tray with a bit of wood shavings.
  6. Water daily and wait couple of days for the plants to start growing.
  7. Put the final touch to the garden adding some little bridge or wooden/straw hut (remove while watering).

hamster garden tutorial

hamster garden wooden bridge with steps

We use our garden inside metal enclosure in which we let Toffy run for a while in the evenings. Then he is placed back in his cage and we fix the garden, plant some more seeds to replace eaten / destroyed areas.

rainbow bridge for hamster enclosure

Materials & accessories used:

Small Animal Rainbow Play Bridge (£7.42 – Amazon)

2 kg aquarium gravel (£3.50 – pet store)

pebbles (£0.99 – 99p Store)

cat grass (£1.50 – gardening store)

5 kg all purpose compost (about £1 – gardening store)

red clover seeds (£1.50 – gardening store)

cat litter tray (about £2, from Morrisons)

hamster grass and flower garden


Water the garden in the evenings after hamster’s playtime, not before.

If  the hamster eat a lot of grass during his garden adventures do not giving him any more greens / fresh fruit & veg on that day.

I will be updating this post with some more photos once the grass and the clovers are fully grown.

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Your thoughts…

  1. Thank you for sharing. Very Good idea!

  2. I’ve never heard of a ‘Hamster Garden’ before which is surprising as it seems such a great idea.

    What would you say is a good length of time for Toffy to use the garden for during each session?

    Thanks for a really informative article!

  3. Wow, great idea! I suppose this is great for letting them feel wild and not just sawdust, sawdust, sawdust! I think I will do this.

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