DIY Apple Seed Choker Necklace

diy seed necklace

I made this necklace ages ago… when I was still at school. During my last trip to Poland I found it in my parents house and when I brought it to UK my 7 year old daughter liked it so much that she took it away from me ;)


  • apple seeds (while still fresh)
  • some little beads
  • necklace closing

apple seeds jewellery


  • thin fishing thread
  • needle

natural brown necklace hand made


  • Pierce seeds with a needle and thread them while still fresh.
  • Continue collecting and threading every time you eat an apple until you have a little bit more than half way around your neck of seeds.
  • Add beads and necklace closing to finish the choker.

Your thoughts…

  1.  I like Choker Necklace because they are so cool

  2. familyfourfun says:

    What a great idea – it looks fantastic!

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