Cupcake Stand Christmas Tree

DIY christmas tree


for the tree

  • metal cupcake stand
  • about  9 m of sparkly garlands / tinsels (we used 3 x 2 m green and 2 x 1.5 m golden ones)
  • slim long chain
  • small baubles with hooks

for the star

  • thick corrugated cardboard
  • wooden skewer
  • paint
  • glitter in a shaker


  • scissors
  • star shaped stencil or cookie cutter
  • paintbrush
  • pencil


To make a star for the top of the tree draw and cut out two stars from cardboard. Make a cut to the center of each star. Pain them on one side and sprinkle with glitter while still wet. Let them dry completely before painting the other side or assembling together.

how to make Christmas tree

Then connect two stars and stick skewer in between cardboard layers and leave aside.

Christmas star craft

To make the tree first wrap the stand with 2-3 garlands but leave the best ones to use as outside layer.

cupcake stand tree

We wrapped the stand first two golden garlands, just for the volume and then with three green ones.

how to make your own Christmas tree

Once the stand looks like a tree decorate it with chain, hang baubles and stick the star on the top.

table Christmas decoration


  • Instead of making cardboard star you can use ready star on a stick or even kid’s magic wand.

Your thoughts…

  1. Memoriesinthebaking says:

    I recently passed on a cute cupcake stand because I couldn’t think of other ways to use it, besides cupcakes.
    This idea is pure genius!

  2. Sarah @ Alderberryhill says:

    What a super idea, this is really creative – and kid friendly too! Love your homemade star – makes it even better!
    Thanks for linking up to make the Scene Monday!

  3. What a clever idea! Looks great!

  4. bigbearswife says:

    great idea!! I love it! we are not having a big tree this year and this would be perfect!!!

  5. Fabulous! Your title intrigued me, had to check it out. Found you at Make the Scene Monday

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