Caribbean Cocoa Sticks

Cocoa sticks are made from cocoa beans that are roasted, shelled and crushed. Then sticks are shaped and left to dry.

The sticks are pure unsweetened cocoa, sometimes with addition of some spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg.

best hot cocoa sticks Caribbean

Cocoa sticks are usually grated just before use, similar to cocoa powder.

They are commonly used in the Caribbean to make cocoa tea.


Pictured above cocoa sticks came from island of Dominica in West Indies.

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  1. I have never seen this before. Wow how interesting.

    Cheers Amelita

  2. I bought some of the sticks while we were on a cruise and stopped at your beautiful island. I am going to go make some of this now! Thank you for putting the information online! We could tell that Jesus is Lord on your island!

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