Cauli Tomato Soup


1 small cauliflower (separated florets)
½ kg frozen green beans – originally fresh yellow beans but I could not find them in UK
2 x 400g tins of chopped tomatoes
2 medium parsnips (chopped)
5 carrots (sliced)
2-3 onions (cut in 4)
2-3 potatoes (chopped)
2½ litres of water (84.5 fl. oz)
6-8 chicken cubes (10g each)
1 tbs dried marjoram
3 tbs dried dill
3 tbs fresh or frozen parsley (chopped)
1 pinch ground black pepper
6 or more hard boiled eggs
300 ml soured cream


Place all ingredients except eggs and soured cream in large pot and cook for about an hour till all vegetables are ready.
Serve to bowls how it is or blend soup, add soured cream and eggs.

Serves 6 people or more.

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