Caribbean Almonds

Caribbean almonds are also known as Indian almonds, Bengal almonds, Singapore almonds, tropical almonds, sea almonds, Dominican almonds, Jamaican almonds are fruits of Terminalia catappa tree also called umbrella tree. They grow in tropical sea side areas.

The wood is red, solid and has high water resistance and it has been utilized in Polynesia for making canoes.

Due to this chemical richness, the leaves (and also the bark) are used in different traditional medicines for various purposes. For instances, in Taiwan fallen leaves are used as a herb to treat liver diseases. In Suriname, a tea made from the leaves is prescribed against dysentery and diarrhea. It is also thought that the leaves contain agents for prevention of cancers and antioxidant.

Caribbean almonds are longer than traditional almonds and round in diameter.

They are edible and on some Caribbean islands such as in Dominica, there are made sweets from them, for instance bars from caramelized sugar and those almonds.

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