AFAM April 2008 (Kumquats) – The Round-up

Fist of all, thank you Everyone for all entires in this month edition of A Fruit A Month. It was a real pleasure to host this event, I only regret that I did not check when kumquats are in season so we could have more than 8 entries. If you want to know more about kumquats you can read it here.

Kumquat Glazed Chicken
by Maybelle’s Mom of Feeding Maybelle

Delicious sweet and lemony chicken prepared with glazed Kumquat-Lime marmalade.

Kumquat Cake with Almond and Lavender Cream
by Jessica Voloudakis of Fearless Kitchen

Unusual mixture of flavours: kumquats, almonds and lavender that I would love to try out.

Sweet’n’Tangy Kumquat Daal
by Kaykat of Cooking from A to Z

Awesome dish prepared from mung beans, cherry tomatoes, green chillies, coriander and kumquats.

Kum, a whata?
by Denise of Ches US

Beautiful whole kumquats in sugarly bath.

Mediterranean Sea Bass with Preserved Citrus
by Ann of Redacted Recipes

Very tempting dish with fish, olives, lemons and kumquats.

Tangerine Kumquat Rounds
by Peabody of Culinary Concoctions by Peabody

Amazing looking tangerine cookies, topped with kumquat slices and sprinkled with sugar crystals.

Kumquat-Basil Cooler
by Sunday Cook of Cooking 4 the Week

Very tempting cooler made of vermouth, soda water, kumquats and basil.

Kumquat Vanilla Marmalade
my own entry

First marmalade I have ever made, and surprisingly really good one.

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And here are couple of archival entries with kumquats which were posted earlier than in April 2008 but I decided to mention them, so we can all learn about kumquats and how to use them.

Best Ever Baked Cheesecake
by Nora of Life’s Smörgåsbord

Kumquat and Vanilla Bean Pâte (Fruit Jelly)
by Zoë of Zoë Bakes

Cumquat Marmalade
by Haalo of Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once

Kumquat in Light Syrup
Sylvia of La Vida en Buenos Aires y Afines

Kumquat Roulade Cake
by Zuzana of Zlamushka’s Spicy Kitchen

Coconut Lemonquat Tea Cake
by Susan of Food Blogga

Kumquat Ginger Caipirenha
by Lelo of Lelo in Nopo

Kumquat and Mango Mojito
by Sig of Live to Eat

Kiwi Kumquat Salad with Key Lime Syrup
by Rachel of Coconut & Lime

Yogurt Cake with Kumquat Marmalade Glaze
by Joey of 80 Breakfasts

Lakshmi-Spiegel Green Chutney
by Brendan of Endless Simmer

Divine Cumquat Marmarlade
Vegeyum Ganga of A Life (Time) of Cooking

Gilbert’s Kumquat Liqueur (Gin or Vodka)
by Fiona of Cottage Smallholder

Preserved Kumquats
by Ann of Redacted Recipes

Kumquat Daiquiri
by Sunday Cook of Cooking 4 the Week

Kumquat Salsa Recipe
by Elise of Simply Recipes

Your thoughts…

  1. So many tasty recipes! When I first saw the event, I had no idea that there would be so many uses for kumquats! Thank you for hosting.

  2. Fabulous roundup for a little-known fruit. I look forward to trying some of these next time cumquats are in season here. Thank you for all of your work in bringing this to us.

  3. Great round up… I am a big kumquat fan, can’t wait to try some of these!

  4. Hey Margot, lovely round-up. One would not expect that many ways of using up kumquats (I would not at least). Your marmalade picture is the most yummy looking of al :-)

  5. Thank you for all your comments, especially Zlamushka for such a nice words about my marmalade :)

  6. This is a great online resource – thank you so much for hosting this event and letting me participate.


  7. These kumquat recipes look fantastic, Margot. Plus, doing the archival recipes was a great idea. Thanks so much for including my cake. Ever since making it, it has become one of my favorite desserts.

  8. Margot, lovely round – up.Thank you for introducing me this new fruit.Couldn’t participate this time as i couldn’t find kumquat here.Will try out u’r recipe as soon as i get them.Thanksin for hosting AFAM.

  9. Looks like you got a great bunch of variety!

  10. hi margot,
    Thanks for hosting this event. I am amazed at all these kumquat dishes! I’m glad that your marmalade turned out so well – it looks delicious. Love the combination with vanilla.

    Have a terrific weekend, dear friend.

    x nora

  11. Fabulous round up, I discover many ways to use kumquat, love all recipes. Thanks for hosting this event, you are a great hostess

  12. What a wonderful collection of recipes! Thanks so much for hosting this event!

  13. great round up. many interesting uses.

  14. What great inspiration. Luckily for me I can still get kumquats and plan to make some of these recipes.


  15. Oh wow! What a great round up of delicious-sounding recipes! Fantastic hosting job and thanks once again for letting me know about it :)

  16. Finally! Recipes for Kumquats in abundance. Many thanks – I’ll be putting several of them together anon.

    Again – Thanks!

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