Shaped Hard Boiled Eggs


eggs (one more than needed, just in case)


egg moulds


Place eggs in a pot with water.
Boil until eggs are hard boiled.
Remove shell when still hot and place them in egg moulds.
Close the moulds, place in cold water for 10-15 minutes. You can also leave eggs in moulds in the fridge overnight and have them ready for morning.

  • For those moulds the best are large eggs, smaller ones are not getting into all corners of the moulds.
  • After removing shell, choose eggs that have yolk in the middle, other wise they can break.
  • You can use egg moulds also to shape other things, such as rice, see last image.

Your thoughts…

  1. How absolutely darling! I want to eat a car-shaped egg.

  2. So coll, I want a car-shaped mold for my son too, he is 5 and really liked hard boiled eggs! Where can I get one of those??

  3. Yes! Finally! Car shaped eggs and fish shaped eggs.
    Pretty cute stuff.

  4. Helloooo,
    Thank you for your comments.
    Ana, you can get egg moulds, sporks and all kind of lunchbox / bento gadgets on eBay… that is where I got them.

  5. Gotta love those! I especially like that cute little car!

  6. What a great way to get the kids and “kids at heart” to have some fun eating their eggs. So cute!

  7. Another inspiring find Margot you’ve got to love ebay these are very cute :D

    Rosie x

  8. Brilliant! I’ll eat anything that’s shaped like a cartoon like fish. What could go wrong with that plan?

  9. I love those egg moulds – saw them on another blog a while ago and fell in love!

  10. These look fabulous!! Really creative.

  11. i just ordered 6 of these from japan some weeks ago. they are great and the kids love them. usually i drop them in cold water. they take on the shape rather quick then. :)

  12. These are just to cute!

  13. Neat!!! I love these!

  14. Those are super cute. I like how you used it with the rice too. Neat!

  15. These are so cute! My kids usually eat only the white part of the boiled eggs, wasting the yolk. Maybe this would be a fun way for to eat it all. It also brought back a lost memory of when we used to put boiled eggs in a clear square box, to make them into a shape. I’m forgetting if it was in England or Hawaii we did this, and for what?? Maybe some reader may know what Iam talking about?

  16. I actually have them! They are super cute. Once after I moulded the eggs and soaked them in cold water, I put the eggs in flavored hot soup, thinking that the eggs will have the same flavor. And I found out that the moulded eggs were back into their original oval shapes! Lesson learned: never put the moulded eggs in hot/boiling water/soup.

  17. My kids and I love fun-shaped food. I’ll have to search out some egg molds. These are new to me. Thanks!



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