Saltfish, Hardboiled Eggs, Cucumber and Fig (Dominican Sunday Breakfast)


300g skinless and boneless saltfish / salt fish (soaked overnight or at least 8 hours, rinsed, drained and flaked or chopped)
1-2 red/yellow bell peppers (sliced) or some tomatoes (cut into wedges)
large onion (chopped)
Caribbean curry powder
black peppercorns (freshly cracked)
oil to fry (we used grapeseed oil)
large English cucumber (sliced on grater)
4-8 eggs (hard boiled)
4-6 very green bananas (in Dominica called figs)


large frying pan or wok to fry fish
old pot to cook green bananas
another pot to cook eggs


Put eggs in water and cook until hard boiled.

Fry onions on oil until golden, stir in flaked saltfish, curry powder and black pepper to taste and cook for a while longer, then add peppers and cook some more until soft to your liking.

In meantime cook green bananas in old pot full of water, you would not want to use any new pot as sticky black juice from bananas will be very hard or impossible to clean. It is better to have special old pot to cook only bananas. You can cook them either in the skin and remove it later or peel bananas with oiled hands (otherwise they will turn black for many days), until soft when pierced with a fork. Take them out from the water and share to the plates on a side wish saltfish, hard boiled eggs and grated cucumber. Enjoy!

Serve 4 people.

  • If saltfish is hard to flake, pour over the fish boiling water and soak for 5 minutes.
  • Cucumber can be replaced with Coleslaw salad, and if you in a hurry green bananas can be substituted with some crunchy bread.

Your thoughts…

  1. That’s an excellent Caribbean breakfast that will keep you filled all day long.

  2. wow vat a healthy meal margot!! i love it :)

  3. Interesting. I’ve never heard of this type of bananas. Are they sweet? Where can I find it? Can I substitute the figs for plantains?

  4. Jackie – I should be more clear with those figs, they are just called like this on Dominica, but they are actually plain bananas, but not ripe, very green, they are not sweet at all, starchy, similar to yam or potatoes. They can be replaced with very green plantains, not the ones that starting to look yellow, because they will be sweet.
    Your can find more info on bananas and plantains here:

  5. Have you tried putting a few drops of oil in the pot as the water comes to a boil for the green bananas? I remember my mom doing something to prevent the staining of the pot. I’m almost certain it was by adding a few drops of cooking oil.

  6. @Chris De La Rosa
    Thank you for this tip… I will try! :)

  7. This is a must-try breakfast. Something different and interesting. Looks really good.

  8. wow, I want to try those bananas! I better buy a used old pot-haha, ironic!

  9. My favourite breakfast

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