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Coffee and Vanilla

As probably some of you, dear readers, know Hotel Chocolat is British chocolatier producing quality chocolate gifts.

Many companies make chocolate, but Hotel Chocolat is different because they are still owned and run by the original founders plus they actually grow they own cocoa beans on the plantation of Rabot Estate in the Caribbean (St. Lucia). They also don’t compromise on ingredients, their mantra is “Less Sugar More Cocoa” which make their creations truly fabulous.

Coffee and Vanilla

Hotel Chocolat chocolate range vary so they can be suitable for anyone and any occasion, from birthday gifts, through weddings, luxury chocolates for your loved ones to corporate gifts. Doesn’t matter which one you will choose, they all look extremely beautiful and taste even better.

Coffee and Vanilla

I was lucky to try Triple Chocolate Wam Bam made of caramel, milk and white chocolate hand-swirled into fusion that tasted extraordinary. I’m not a big fan of plain chocolate bars, but I must admit if not the kids, I would eat the whole half a kilogram slab on my own (!)

Coffee and Vanilla

The other product that I can honestly recommend is The Sleekster Hand-Piped Selection box, ideal for any occasion for both him and her… my husband and I ate almost the whole box secretly, before children got  a chance to see it. We could not decide which of the flavours we loved the most: Chocolate Brownie, Amarena Cherry Suspended in Amaretto Buttercream, Dark Chocolate Ganache with Grand Marnier, Irish Coffee Buttercream, Florentine Topped Praline or maybe Maple Pecan Crunch… :)

Coffee and Vanilla

Your thoughts…

  1. These chocolates look really great and detailed. Almost too nice to eat. Almost…

  2. That is true, especially the one with cocoa bean design, we left it for last…

  3. I can vouch that Hotel Chocolat chocolates are amazing!! You have me drooling here Margot just thinking of popping one into my mouth to savour right now :D

  4. yummm!! love the designs on the chocolates. very nice!!

  5. I love Hotel Chocolat chocolates!

  6. Not very ethical though have you seen their packaging and cocoa is a very heavily sprayed crop so you’re better off looking for organic chocs. Very high prices for not a lot of chocolate.

  7. Who said that Hotel Chocolat are not ethical. Better be informed first then make comments like this. Hotel Chocolat have the most ethical means of growing and trading cocoa in the world and have been recognised for this fact numerous time. You can read about this in detail at –

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