My First Granny Square – Drops

granny square tutorial


  • yarn


  • crochet hook (I used 3.00 mm one)

how to start granny square


stitches used: chain (ch), double crochet (dc), slip stitch (sl)

Start with 7 ch, connect ends of the chain with sl to create a circle.

granny square step by step

granny square in steps

Work 3 ch as 1 dc and then work 2 more dc into the ring to create 3 double crochet stitches.

granny square pattern

granny square free pattern

Work 4 ch skipping the foundation, it will create the drop shaped corner.

granny square how to

Work again 3 dc into the foundation ring.

granny square picture tutorial

granny square cushion cover

And again work 4 ch skipping the foundation to create second corner.

granny square blanket

granny square easy pattern

Once you have 4 sets of 3 dc create last corner with 4 ch.

easy granny square

Connect into the third chain of the first stitch with sl to close the round.

granny squares



To start the new round work again 3 ch as 1 dc and then continue with dc into each chain of the foundation until you have reached second chain from four chains of the corner.

how to make granny square

Now work again 4 ch skipping the foundation to create the drop shaped corner.

treble granny square

Continue with the dc into each chain of the foundation until you reach again second chain of the corner.

triple crochet granny square

crochet granny squares

Work 4 ch skipping the foundation and continue with dc until you reach second chain of next corner.

crochet granny square tutorial

Once the round is finished close it with the slip stitch. To start next round work again 3 ch as first dc. Continue with double crochet stitches and chains in the corners until the end of the round.

crochet granny square pattern

Make as many rounds as you need to achieve required size of the square. I made each of mine about 12 cm wide and I will sew them later into cushion cover… pictures shortly. I made also pyjamas case using this pattern.

granny square pillow case


Optionally change yarn colour when starting a new round. Finish one round with the slip stitch and cut the yarn leaving only a little bit extra. Start the new colour with 3 chain instead of dc as usual, then tie on the back end of old and beginning of new yarn. You can also start the chain with new colour without cutting the previous yarn, just leave it until you will need to use it again. Just make sure not to tangle up the threads while you making the rounds.

You can also finish the square with a round of sc (single crochet) and create the coaster as I did with the one below, using quite thick yarn and 5.00 mm crochet. I made some mistakes in the first rounds, but I’m still proud of it as it was the very first granny square in my life! :)

large two colour rgranny square

Your thoughts…

  1. Thanks for the lesson, I’m a beginner and I need to learn how to make squares so your article has been very helpful.
    I thought that if you sew crochet squares together you can make so many different things without being highly skilled in the art and crochet is a great way to kill a spare half in in the day and you get something beautifully creative to give as a gift.

  2. sylwiapresley says:

    You should connect with ;) x

  3. I’m very impressed with your granny squares, very neat and tidy.  As a beginner I do find it can sometimes be rather tricky.  Still I’ve managed to crochet a heart and a basic flower :)

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