Mayan Magic Chocolate-Making Kit Giveaway (CLOSED) – Announcing the Winner


A while ago I announced the competition for the best chocolate flavour combination, the prize was Mayan Magic Chocolate-Making Kit by Chocolution.

I received many really delicious and original propositions for the dream chocolate, just to mention few: honey and chestnuts, eggnog with raspberries, raspberries with pecans, meringue covered chocolate filled with dried fruits, green tea with sea salt and lime, cardamom and mango dark chocolate,almond and vanilla filling with orange center, white chocolate and lychee, dark chocolate praline with cornflakes, smoked salt with almonds and bourbon, spiced nuts in praline filling, dark chocolate with creme brulee, blue cheese chocolate truffle, truffles with mandarin zest and juice and cream, chocolate with lemon curd and coconut, “S’More” truffle filling, mango and lime filling, sun butter (peanut butter with sunflower seeds) filling, chocolate with thyme, champagne cognac with pistachios and cardamom, super-dark chocolate filled with a creamy lapsang souchong infused ganache…

It was very hard to decide which one was the best… but finally the most votes received combination of goji berries, black pepper, chillis in dark chocolate by Ricardo of Rico – Tried and Tested Recipes from Nottingham, United Kingdom! Congratulations Rico, the chocolate-making kit will be shipped to you shortly.

Your thoughts…

  1. Hi Margot,
    Ricardo’s choice is very, very good.
    It was good to participate once more.

  2. I am really honoured, in having been selected, I never thought…
    All I was thinking when I chose this flavours, wasn’t just the flavours but the benefits that they would bring to who ever eats them… the two top of the line natural antioxidants (which aid in getting rid of free radicals) in the world are 1st cocoa found in the dark chocolate and gogi berries, and chillies are well known for aiding internal combustion (boosting one’s metabolism) and black pepper just adds to the chilli warmth in this chocolate combo.
    Then the flavours, gogi berry is slightly sweet but not too much, which is ideal in chocolate as you don’t want it too sweet, also the darker the chocolate the less sweet it is so you can control this, the chilli just adds a velvety hint of warmth when eating this choc and the pepper just a little punch, to a rather mild dark and elegant “healthy” chocolate.
    Once again my thanks to all. Like I said I am honoured.

  3. Great contest Margot and congratulations Rico! ; )

  4. Congratulations to Ricardo! He came up with really creative ideas, and deserved the prize. Margot, thanks for the contest, it was fun:)

  5. Congrats Ricardo!
    I agree, it was great to participate because now I’m still thinking about my own idea wondering if it would work… it’s a must try for sure!

  6. Congrats! That sounds like a fabulous combo!

  7. Margot, thank you for hosting the competition and thank you to everyone who got involved. What fantastic suggestions.
    Here at the chocolution we are building the largest online data base for chocolate flavours and fillings so your ideas are much welcomed.
    Well done on your idea Rico – although I would have probably added another superfood such as hemp powder or kelp . . .
    Thanks once again,


  8. Thank you Kieran,
    It was pleasure hosting the competition. All I can think about now is chocolate! :)

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