Lunchbox # 92 – Turkey Ham Rolls and Animal Biscuits

Lunchbox # 92 (for 4½ year old girl)

  • sandwich made from bread roll, butter and pineapple jam
  • turkey ham rolls and cucumber pieces, in silicone muffin case
  • cherry tomatoes with leaf food pick
  • seedless red grapes and strawberry, in silicone muffin case
  • duck and turtle mini biscuits
  • frozen peach Choobs fromage frais in a tube, it will defrost by lunchtime (not pictured)
  • 100% tropical juice with a straw (not pictured)
  • antibacterial gel to wash hands before lunch (not pictured)
  • wipe wrapped in aluminum foil with a stickers, to use after lunch (not pictured)

Everything closed in EZ-Freeze lunchbox with a freezable lid and placed inside insulated lunch bag.

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Some of the lunchbox accessories can be found in my Amazon aStore.

Your thoughts…

  1. Your presentation of the ham rolls is just adorable!

  2. So sweet looking! That really beats any lunch my mom ever packed for me.

  3. So pretty! The ham looks like flowers! :)

  4. Your daughter probably has the best lunches in the entire school!

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