Lunchbox # 54 – Lychee Fruits, Chestnuts & Turkey Ham Sandwich

Lunchbox # 54 (for 4 year old girl)

  • sandwich made of white soft bread roll, turkey ham, mixed lettuce and shredded beetroot
  • cherry tomatoes
  • mini squirrel and cat shaped biscuits
  • Babybel cheese and cooked chestnuts
  • red and green grapes
  • half peeled lychee fruits
  • mini strawberry fromage frais + spoon
  • summer fruit tea in a bottle
  • large paper napkin
  • wipe wrapped in aluminum foil with sticker

This is my entry for my own event: “Wholesome Lunchbox”. If you want to participate, please send link to your entry before 15th of each month.

Your thoughts…

  1. Your daughter is so lucky. :) If every little girl gets such a lunchbox, they will eat everything in it and so proud to show it to her friends. :)

  2. A delightful bento in the happiest bright pink color! Lots of lovely ideas here including the beautiful half-peeled lichis! I’m in love with the mini squirrel biscuits :)

  3. I always love your photos and ideas – what a great thing to use shredded beetroot in the sandwich. Yum!

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