DIY Crochet Furniture Bumpers with Felt Flowers

handmade furniture corner bumper

I used those bumpers to cover sharp edges on upcycled cot bed when I was creating workstation for my girls.


  • yarn
  • 5 felt circles for each bumper
  • buttons
  • thread


  • crochet hook
  • needle

pattern for crochet bumper


  • 1. To make crochet bumpers follow base instructions for apple cosy, just start with smaller or bigger circle depending on your furniture and make it as long as needed as well. I made our bumpers for sides of the cot and I started with about 2 cm circle.
  • 2. Thread and tie together felt circles to make flowers.

felt flower tutorial step by step

  • 3. Finish the flowers off with buttons.
  • 4. Using the same thread connect each flower to the top of the bumpers.

easy DIY children kids room bumpers

 I made those bumpers during textile classes I attend.

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