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Tuna and Rice Mini Burgers

Posted on: 20th Apr 2008


4 x 185g tins of tuna in brine (drained and flaked)
500g onions (chopped finely)
25g unsalted butter for frying onions
oil for frying burgers (I use rapeseed or corn oil)
3-4 eggs (lightly beaten)
3 cups plain rice
1 tbs Adobo seasoning or vegetable stock powder
small handful of fresh lemon thyme (chopped)


kitchen paper towels
silicon brush


Cook rice with Adobo and a little bit more water than needed so it will be sticky. In meantime fry onions on butter till golden brown, add tuna and fry some more. Remove from fire, add cooked rice and lemon thyme.
In two deep flat plates prepare eggs and breadcrumbs.
Take 1 tbs of tuna mixture at the time and create small oval shapes, deep them in egg and then in breadcrumbs and fry, until golden brown from both sides, on brushed with oil non stick frying pan or even better cast iron pan.

Drain on paper towels before serving to the plates.

Serve with sweet chili sauce or reduced salt soy sauce and some salad on a side.

Make 24 mini burgers.

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  1. I am sure these would be hit with my family Margot! They sound delicious and I bet they are moist with the addition of rice, sounds a great combo of flavours going on here :D

    Rosie x

  2. I love tuna burgers! I used to love salmon burgers…but, can’t get canned salmon… can get canned tuna.
    Too lazy to bother with fresh, and I don’t think the texture would be right.

  3. My husband would love these burgers! Thanks for a fun and delicious new tuna recipe.

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