Pyzy or Kluski Sląskie (Polish Potato Balls)


2 kg potatoes (peeled)
potato flour
4 eggs
sea salt


Cook potatoes, drain, mash and season with salt.
Place it in a mixing bowl.
Cut out ¼ of the mixture, leave aside and replace it with potato flour.
Put back removed ¼ of the mixture, add eggs and mix everything with a spoon till it is hard to stir.
Then knead dough in your hands.
In meantime bring large pot of water to boil.
Create balls from potato mixture, make hole in them using your thumb and place in a pot with boiling water.
Cook for about 5 minutes from the time they start floating on the surface.

Remove from the pot with slotted spoon and serve to the plates.

Serve as a side dish like you would serve potatoes.
Pyzy taste good also refried on unsalted butter.

Serve 5-6 people.

Your thoughts…

  1. I have so many potato and I am trying this soon.

    thanks Margot

  2. You are welcome Sue :) This is typical Polish dish, some people love it some hate it… I used to be in the second group, now when I miss Polish food I really like them :D

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