Peppadew – Sweet Piquanté Peppers

Peppadew – Sweet Piquanté Peppers are my newest discovery.

A while ago I did read about them on Jeanne website and when I saw them in the supermarket I could not help myself, I had to buy and try myself :)

You can find them in two different levels of spiciness:
Mild – with just the gentlest spicy heat to balance the sweetness.
Hot – with a little extra ‘kick’, but still seductively sweet.

Peppadew in the brand name of sweet piquanté peppers grown in the Limpopo province of South Africa. Peppadew International markets it under the trademarked name Peppadew as a fruit.

The type of piquanté peppers was discovered and isolated in the 1990s. The name is derived from “pepper” and “dew”. Although the pepper is sometimes described as a cross between a pepper and a tomato, this description is not botanically accurate, and refers only to the resemblance in color and size between peppadew and cherry tomatoes.

Peppadew International holds all growing rights to the plant.

Information source: Peppadew website and Wikipedia.

Your thoughts…

  1. Oh, I do love those. I hate to admit it, but I first heard of them from Guy Fiore. Yeah, that guy.

  2. These really look nice ..wish we could get them easily in India too!!

  3. I’m a big fan of peppers. Delicious sweet taste, can’t get enough of ’em!

  4. I love the whole pimiento I can buy in Andorra/Spain. These look like the would be wonderful, as well – the mild ones anyway. I like to stuff them with goat cheese….

  5. I bought it once sometime ago. I quite like it but didn’t know how to use them (except for one dish). In the end, I had to throw them away and have never bought them again since.

  6. I am a big fan of these too Margot they are so delicious!!

    Rosie x

  7. Here in southern Italy we’re big on hot, hot, hot peppers, but I’m open to any kind :)

  8. Thank you Everyone for all your comments.

    Windy – they are delicious even in the sandwich, especially the mild ones.

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