Lunchbox # 19 – Cheese Sandwich and Kabanosy

Lunchbox # 19 (for almost 3 year old girl)

  • wholemeal bread sandwich with Red Leicester cheese in lettuce (mice food pick to keep everything together)
  • seedless white grapes with fun food picks (flower, balloon, ring)
  • pieces of “kabanosy” (Polish slim dry sausage) with bone food picks
  • 250 ml of fruit tea – Mango & Strawberries (not pictured)
  • two Simpson biscuits
  • mini fruit fromage frais with a spoon
  • napkin

More lunchboxes coming soon…. some already existing recipes for Lunchbox Food you can find here.

Your thoughts…

  1. Those are so cute! I have the same Ikea napkins. :)

  2. These look super, but isn’t all that plastic adornment really wasteful? In a day with increasing oil prices and global food shortages as food is turned into fuel, it seems a bit wrong to be filling a lunch box with novelty toothpicks everyday just to look nice for a half hour before it’s all dumped in the trash.

  3. Bone toothpicks! That is beyond cute.

  4. Heather – yes, napkins are from Ikea, one of my favourite shops :D

    Michele – I love them too! :)

    Shari – I agree with you and I don’t like to waste things myself, muffin cases are from silicon and I they are not going to the trash… I use them to bake, to pack lunch and I will use them for years. Food picks are reusable, they are not going to be dumped in the trash as well (!) I actually try to waste as little as possible, especially food. That is why I make menu for the week and then I buy things I really need, this week we wasted only 1 small turnip and 1 potato that hided somewhere under other veggies and got spoiled. I also use reusable cotton shopping bags whenever I can… ;)

  5. I want to be a kid again – and I want YOU to pack my lunchboxes!!

  6. I am with Jeanne, I want to be a kid again so you can pack my lunches :D

    Rosie x

  7. Where did you get those adorable picks from? I especially love the bones. So cute.

  8. I just bought those picks this week at Ichiban Kan in Japantown, San Francisco! I love them and should have bought more than one pack.

  9. Thank you again for more comments :D

    Aileen – I found them on eBay but you can probably find them also in Japanese shops.

  10. Oh my God! I wish to have 3 years old again, Those are terrific!

  11. I love that you made a Bento box out of a simple container. I have bought 3 different bento boxes for my son. They are just great. All though I am not sure they ever look as cute as yours. I need to go buy me some accessories now :)

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