Hand Stamped Ektorp Sofa Cover – Ikea Hack

Not being able to find affordable sofa that we would really like, we decided to go for classic Ektorp, which we knew from our previous flat, but instead of getting expensive cover for it we got cheapest white cotton one and decorated it ourselves… effect below.

hand painted Ikea sofa cover picture tutorial


Rubber Stampede azalea blossom stamp and Pebeo Setacolor opaque fabric paints


  • quality rubber stamp –  I used Azalea Blossom from Rubber Stampede (on hand)
  • paint pallet
  • paint brush
  • iron

hand stamped fabric using iron on fabric paints


  1. Use paint brush to apply the paint onto the stamp.
  2. If necessary  mix the paints on the pallet rather than on the stamp itself.
  3. Stamp the fabric on hard surface, place piece of cloth inside the pillowcases to avoid paint leaking to the other side.
  4. Let the design to dry for couple of hours or overnight.
  5. Iron each piece of the pattern through the cloth (I used old kitchen towel) for couple of minutes to make it wash proof.

DIY crafts painting Ikea sofa


Washing the covers at 40°C (104°F) did not affect the pattern, only one flower that I probably forgot to iron…

I found it useful to stamp three “back supporting” pillows on the other side as well so they can be turned and swapped around when necessary.

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Your thoughts…

  1. Hey Margot,
    Props to you for individualizing your slipcover. I love love love IKEA, but so do all of my friends– so I´m always trying to find new ways to peronalize the furniture. I bought a few slipcovers from saustark design (a young start up in Munich that makes customized slipcovers for IKEA furniture) and I love them. Though, your solution was definitely less costly!
    Here´s a link incase you want to check them out :)

  2. Gosh this looks amazing, really professional and love your design and colour choices. So impressed!

  3. Thanks Kavey!!! We have now second cover for change, but this one is still our favourite :)

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